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With our large, company-owned equipment fleet and decades of experience, we’re prepared to take on projects of any size and scale.

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We meet a variety of construction demands throughout Ohio and beyond. Our teams of heavy equipment operators, Class A and B CDL Drivers, Construction Laborers, Mechanics, Management Professionals and Administrators work together to complete public and private projects on-time and according to budget. We have the operating funds to complete multi-million dollar excavation projects.

Our company is bonded, insured and licensed in the state of Ohio and Indiana. And, we boast one of the largest company-owned equipment fleets in Ohio. As a result, we are able to perform multiple large-scale projects simultaneously.

Our diverse equipment allows us to work in tight areas, muddy conditions, and on steep slopes, the places conventional construction equipment can’t accessOur low ground pressure trucks, LGP dozers, tracked skid steers, and long reach excavator allow us to work in wet conditions with the least amount of impact and disturbance to surrounding areas.

To better face the challenge of soft, wet project sites, we own water pumps ranging from 2″ to 12″ diesel that bypass waterways so we can complete our work while adhering to compliance and regulations. Many stream, floodplain, wetland, and pond projects require this advantage.

With our mass excavators and off-road articulated dump trucks, we move hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of earth in a timely manner to prepare sites for development and utility installation.

Once we clear a site and move the mass earth, our crews utilize our conventional excavators and wheel loaders along with our trench protection equipment to install storm, sanitary, and waterlines.

Our large and mid-size excavators are capable of multiple functions, including shoreline stabilizations and rip rap armor installations on water ways, lake shores, and the Lake Erie coast. We’ve placed armor rock ranging in size from common ODOT 601D to 12 ton armor stones.

Together with our personnel, equipment, and management, we utilize only the best subcontractors when work is outside of our wheelhouse. We build long term relationships with our subcontractors, so we know we can count on them and their performance as if they were in-house employees.

Together, our resources and personnel at Mark Haynes Construction, Inc. can take any project from start to finish in a timely manner and overcome challenges along the way.


Shoreline Erosion Control

Secure your section of the coastline against damaging erosion. Our armored rock revetments protect even the most at-risk properties.

Site Work

Need precise grading, excavation, or installation? We lay the groundwork for successful construction, from digging footers to installing utility lines. 

Storm Water Management

Get the help you need to reduce runoff, improve water quality, eliminate erosion, and maintain base flow in streams and wetlands. 


Schedule your demolition project today. We’ll demolish and remove your unwanted structure, all according to your deadline and specifications.


We install storm sewer, water lines, drainage systems and other utilities, and secure proper permitting before every project.

Concrete Placement

We work with precast and cast-in-place concrete on a variety of properties, from lakefront and residential to commercial and industrial.


Mechanical Dredging

Thorough de-watering for your pond or lake. Utilize our excavating and sediment removal experience to restore your body of water to peak condition.

Mass Earth Moving

This is our wheelhouse. Complete the early stages of your construction project with a company that’s been at it for over three decades. 

Roadway Construction

We perform high-quality earth moving, grading and utilities installation for subdivisions, municipal streets and beyond.

featured services


Our experienced and highly-skilled operators utilize our fleet of conventional excavators and long-reach to complete excavation projects other companies won’t even consider.


High water levels and severe winter weather are hard on fragile soil along the coast. Protect your home and property value with our shoreline erosion services.


We’ve moved millions of cubic yards of earth during our 38 years in business. We have the expertise and equipment to complete your project on-time and in-budget.


Check out the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Have a question you don’t see listed here? Use the button below to get in touch.

Do you own or rent your machines?

We are proud to own 100% of our large, company-owned equipment fleet. Owning our equipment outright enables us to perform multiple projects simultaneously and ensures our machines are properly maintained.

Are you used to working in difficult conditions?

We have successfully completed projects in tight areas, muddy conditions, and on steep slopes. Many of our projects are located in places conventional construction equipment can’t access. We use low ground pressure trucks, LGP dozers, tracked skid steers, and a long reach excavator to work in wet conditions with the least amount of impact and disturbance to surrounding areas.

What size projects are you capable of?

We perform a wide-range of construction projects and possess the experience, management, and operating funds necessary to successfully complete multi-million dollar projects. Our company is bonded, insured and licensed in the state of Ohio and Indiana.

What are your areas of greatest experience?

Our expertise is in the construction and rehabilitation of water conservation structures including ponds, wetlands, streams, waterways, storm water drainage, storm water retention and shoreline stabilization.

What types of equipment do you own?

It would be impossible to go through every piece of equipment from our 200+ inventory; here’s a sample. We have a high-house, long reach excavator, GPS-equipped dozers and excavators, specialized low ground pressure trucks and dozers, tracked skid steers, conventional excavators, zero turn excavators, rubber track dump trucks, water pumps ranging from 2″ to 12″ diesel, and much more.  

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