Services and Resources

Mark Haynes Construction, Inc. performs a vast variety of construction projects, with project budgets of all sizes. We are bonded, insured and licensed in the state of Ohio and Indiana. Our large company owned equipment fleet grants us the capabilities of performing multiple projects simultaneously. Our diversified equipment allows us to work in tight areas, steep slopes, muddy conditions, and most times in places conventional construction equipment cannot access.

Our low ground pressure trucks, LGP dozers, tracked skid steers, and long reach excavator allows us to work in wet conditions with the least amount of impact and disturbance to surrounding areas. Along with the challenges wet and soft project sites create, our water pumps ranging from 2" to 12" diesel can bypass waterways allowing the work to be completed within compliance and regulations. Many stream, floodplain, wetland, and pond projects require this advantage.

Our mass excavators and off road articulated dump trucks can move hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of earth in a timely manner preparing a site for development and utility installation.

Once we clear the site and move the mass earth, our crews utilize our conventional excavators and wheel loaders along with our trench protection equipment to install storm, sanitary, and waterlines.

Our large and mid-size excavators are capable of multiple functions, but our 34 years of operation has encompassed many shoreline stabilizations and rip rap armoring of water ways and lake shores. We have placed armor rock ranging in size from common ODOT 601D to 12ton armor stones.

Together with our personnel, equipment, and management we utilize only the best subcontractors when the work is outside of our wheelhouse. We build long term relationships with our subcontractors knowing we can count on them and their performance as they were "in house" employees.

Together these different resources of Mark Haynes Construction, Inc. can take any project from start to finish in a timely manner and overcome challenges along the way.