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Are you battling coastal Erosion in Mentor-on-the-Lake? Whether you live near Mentor Beach Park, Lake Overlook Estates, Overlook Beach Park, or another area along Lake Erie, we offer shoreline protection near you.

At Mark Haynes Construction, we understand that a failing shoreline can make you feel unsafe, even in your own home. That’s why we act quickly to install high-quality, long-lasting shoreline protection solutions. From armor stone revetments, to piers and breakwalls, we’re your local, full-service marine contractor for Coastal Erosion Control.

All work was done with great skill and precision. The workers were dependable, timely, competent and friendly. Contractor Haynes did all as promised and at the promised price. The work space was left clean and in good order. Very impressive!


Google Review, Coastal Erosion Client

“Crews were here at 7:00 every morning and stayed till 7:00 on some nights to finish…they were extremely professional and answered any question we might have…we are extremely pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend.


Google Review, Coastal Erosion Client

Mark Haynes did a fabulous job on our revetment! We are extremely pleased with their work. We would highly recommend them.




Google Review, Coastal Erosion Client

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We construct durable, long-lasting revetments designed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Site Assessments

We’ll visit your property, assess the damage, and provide a quote for a $500 fee.



Our team can regrade your beach front property according to your exact specifications.



If your project requires engineering or permitting, we offer referrals in your area.



Need breakwall repairs or installation? We provide full-service construction and maintenance.

Lawn & Utilities Protection

We use specialized mats to protect your lawn and underground utilities from our heavy machinery.

Our Erosion Projects in Mentor-On-The-Lake

We’ve made extensive improvements to the shoreline at Mentor Beach Park and at private residences on Salida Road.

Our project at Mentor Beach Park involved installing roughly 3,000 cubic yards of stone over 275 feet of shoreline. We added an additional 120 feet of stone along the east side of the property and protected the pavilion near the coast.

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In early 2019, we completed an emergency revetment project to shore up the shoreline at Mentor Beach Park in Mentor-on-the-Lake.

For this project, we installed roughly 3,000 cubic yards of armor stone along the 275 foot shoreline at the park located at 7779 Lake Shore Blvd. 

We added an additional 120 feet of stone along the east side of the property and protected the pavilion and building from erosion that threatened to destroy both.

In the last decade or so, Mentor has lost nearly 6 acres of shoreline due to coastal erosion, making it one of the most threatened areas on the northern coast. 


We worked with a group of property owners on Salida Road who battled severe coastal erosion that threatened the safety and value of their properties.

Our crews constructed an armor rock revetment at their shoreline to disperse wave energy and prolong the life of the existing shoreline.

With reliable coastal erosion measures in place, erosion is no longer an everyday concern for this group of neighbors.

Coastal Erosion control

Is Lake Erie Erosion Getting Worse?

Lake Erie water levels are higher than ever — as much as 30” above normal in 2019.

Elevated water levels, coupled with severe weather, ice movement, strong winds, and more, are accelerating erosion damage in many places along the fragile Lake Erie shoreline. In the last few decades, some properties have lost up to 100 ft of shoreline property. 

Predictions from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources show that high water levels aren’t going soon. This means a more turbulent Lake Erie coastline is the new normal. If you’re concerned about losing acreage, property damage, or even your house falling into the lake, high-quality shoreline protection is an excellent solution.

Coastal erosion is preventable with properly installed shoreline protection, like an armor stone revetment, pier, or breakwall. Many homeowners on Lake Erie construct revetments because they can be built quickly and require very low-maintenance or are maintenance-free.

How Do Revetments Work?

Revetments are constructed using Armor Rock Limestone, Concrete Materials, and Specially-designed Fabric that protects fragile soil along the coast and holds the revetment in place. 

Revetments work by dissipating wave energy as they crash against the Lake Erie coast. If your shoreline isn’t protected or is inadequately protected, the force of incoming waves erodes your property’s fragile soil.

Revetments protect against shelf-ice as well. In winter, waves push frozen blocks of ice called shelf-ice against the coast, exacerbating the rate of erosion if it isn’t protected.

How Do You Construct a Revetment?

To install a revetment, we start by laying down the specialized fabric we mentioned previously.

You can think of the fabric we lay down as a kind of seal that protects the soil at the coastline while holding rock and concrete in place. The fabric keeps everything in place and prevents materials from migrating. 

After we set the fabric, we use excavators to construct the revetment with an aggregate of concrete and 3-6-ton army corps-approved limestone rocks, called toe rock.

Do I Need to Get Engineering or a Permit?

ODNR has a straightforward permitting process that we can partner with you to apply for. If your project requires engineering or additional permitting, we offer referrals in your area.

What’s the Construction Process Like?

If you decide to partner with our company for shoreline erosion control, here’s what you can expect for your project:

  1. Secure Permitting 
  2. Take Measurements & Give You a Quote
  3. Find an Access Point
  4. Build a Staging Area
  5. Install your Revetment
  6. Repair your Erosion Damage
  7. Re-slope your Grade
  8. Reseed your Grass, if needed
  9. Clean Up and Leave using specially-designed mats that protect your lawn and underground utilities

When starting a coastal erosion project, we work as quickly as possible to install your shoreline protection. We want to eliminate as much erosion damage to your property as soon as we can. After we install your revetment, we’ll work with you to stabilize your shoreline according to your preferences. For some clients, this means re-sloping the grade of the property or installing on-shore or off-shore breakwalls.

What Method of Shoreline Protection Do You Recommend?

The right method of shoreline protection for you depends on your 1) schedule 2) budget 3) preferences. For many of our clients, rapid erosion is their #1 concern. If this is true for you, an armor stone revetment is likely your best option.

We’ve completed Shoreline Erosion Control projects for decades and have found that nothing beats a revetment if your erosion problem is urgent. Because revetment permits are processed more quickly than breakwall and pier permits, this may be your best option.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources use and recommend armor stone revetments for shoreline protection on Lake Erie.

In addition to revetments, we also offer services to install breakwalls and off-shore breakwaters to enhance shorelines and provide additional protection. These options might work better for you if you have more time and are looking for recreational benefits like calm waters for fishing or swimming.

How Long Will Construction Take?

Every coastal erosion control project we complete is unique, making it impossible to give a time estimate that fits-all. Unfortunately, everything from weather conditions to ease-of-access, and the severity of your erosion will determine your project completion date.

We have found that in general, our crews can complete a single lot revetment in 1-2 weeks from the start of construction to completion. Of course, your project could vary significantly, depending on your unique conditions. We can provide a more accurate construction time at your site assessment.

Will You Damage My Yard During Construction?

We can’t speak for all companies on this point, but at Mark Haynes Construction, we use specially-designed mats to protect your lawn and underground utilities while working at your property.

We drive our specialized earthmoving equipment on these mats to protect your property as much as possible.

How Much Does Shoreline Protection Cost?

It’s impossible to give a general estimate for shoreline protection because no two projects are the same. To provide you with a rough idea of what you can expect, check out the factors most likely to affect your final costs below:

  • Existing Conditions – How severe is your erosion?
  • Amount of Materials – How much square footage of shoreline needs attention?
  • Access – Is your shoreline challenging to access? Will we need to access from a neighboring property?

If possible, we recommend you maximize your savings by partnering with adjoining landowners for your erosion control project.

Why a Revetment and Not a Pier or Breakwall?

We offer revetment and pier/breakwall construction. However, many of our customers choose a revetment because of the time it takes to secure a permit. 

A breakwall permit typically takes 2-3 years to be issued by The Army Corps of Engineers. Two to three years can make an astonishing difference to erosion damage, resulting in as much as several feet of property loss depending on local soil and weather conditions.

In contrast, Revetment permits are available through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and can be obtained in a short 1-2 weeks. For our customers who are concerned about property damage and rapid erosion, this time frame tends to be the more suitable option.

If you’re interested in a new breakwall but are concerned about the time it takes to get a permit, you might consider having a revetment installed as a short-term erosion control plan while your breakwall permit is processed.

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